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Joanne“What a wonderful way to start my day. It was SO GREAT having you cheer me on throughout the video. As if you were talking right to ME. Thank you!” – Joanne

lana“I’m loving the variety in our workouts. No chance to get bored!” And, yesterday 2 co-workers separately asked me if I’ve been working out! Being part of the 15 Minute Workout Club (with the videos, suggested schedule, coaching and support) has been key! The workouts are super effective – with lots of variety and encouragement. It’s so rewarding to see it paying off – and to have others notice too!   – Lana

at home workout videos testimonial“Thank you Lydia for the workout. I’m so proud that I did it (and well). Feeling strong and powerful right now. Those plank taps were awesome!!!!” – Loreto

jenessa“Upper Body Workout done. In the beginning it was a struggle, but by the end I felt strong and ready to take on the day. Thanks for the great workout Lydia” – Jenessa

“Lydia, you are really helping me change my thinking, which for me has always been my barrier against fitness – Thank you!!” – Cynthia

“Just spent 2 hours packing up books from our library at work…all the upper body exercises I’ve been doing have made lifting the boxes so much easier.” – Heather

“I have been following the suggested schedule on the 15 Minute Workout Club website every morning and I am really loving the routine of just… wake up, head downstairs, turn on my computer and press click on the workout video of the day… so easy to follow and it has kept me going during my super-busy schedule! On top of it, I do the stretch videos and I haven’t felt as sore as I did when I started! Thank you Coach Lydia!” – Ana

“As an already pretty active person and trainer, I was skeptical that 15 minutes would be challenging enough. Words definitely can’t describe how challenging some days! The time limit makes me push myself harder. Physically I’ve had increased energy and motivation. My clothes are fitting better and even my husband said I looked more toned. Now I know 15 minutes is a small amount of time that can make a big difference.” – Tamara

“I love having the suggested schedule – don’t have to think, just log in and get started.” – Corinna

“Finished an excellent lower body and core workout! What I loved about it was that Lydia was exercising with me the whole time! I didn’t have to do it alone. My furry friend would rather sleep than exercise.” – Lisa

“Did the Lower Body Circuit #1 video and the lower body stretch. I loved having Lydia tell me exactly what to do and encourage me to keep going. My favourite part was being able to change into work out clothes and work out in my room, then freshen up and tuck my kids into bed. Not having to drive to the gym or meet a trainer is going to make this so much easier for my life right now! – Natalie

“I am so excited to continue this journey with you. I love the fact that I have seen changes in the tone of my arms and abdomen and most of all I have so much more energy! – Nicole

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