Do I Have to Do the Workout Videos at a Certain Time?

No, you do the workouts whenever it’s best for YOUR schedule. The videos are on demand so you stream or download them and exercise whenever it works for you. 

Can I Actually Get a Decent Workout in 15 Minutes?

Absolutely! I designed these workouts to use a lot of compound movements which are more efficient because you’re using your entire body in each move. Most are also high intensity interval training (“HIIT” – using time intervals to combine strength AND cardio) which builds strength, helps to burn fat, and increase endurance and stamina. PLUS, I suggest ways you can make the exercises more or less challenging depending on your level.

Where Can I Do the Workouts? How Much Space Do I Need?

You can do these at home, outside, in a hotel room, your choice. You need about a exercise mat’s amount of space.

Do I Need a Lot of Equipment?

No. Many of the workouts you don’t need any equipment at all. Some of the workouts require a resistance band or dumbbells. You can search for a workout based on equipment.

If you don’t have dumbbells you could use water bottles, soup cans, laundry soap bottle, etc. Although I would recommend getting a resistance band and at least 1 set of dumbbells.

Can I Do These Workouts even if I Already Go to the Gym or Do Other Activities?

Definitely! These workouts can be a great addition to training sessions at the gym or other activities and sports you play. Just make sure to have at least one day of rest to allow your body and muscles to recover.

Do I Need to Be at a Certain Fitness Level Before Joining?

No, the 15 Minute Workout Club is great for beginners to advanced exercisers. The workouts are designed to be a challenge at any level you are at, because you push at the intensity that’s right for you. I also demonstrate modifications to make the moves more or less challenging. You can always pause the video if you need more time to rest, then jump back in when you’re ready.

Do You Have a Workout Video I Can Try Before Joining?

Yup! Sign up here for instant access to a free sample video!

Will I Be on a Diet?

No. There isn’t an official nutrition component. Of course, healthy eating is important and necessary for reaching certain physique goals, but there’s no dieting or meal plans. In one of the monthly webinars we’ll talk about healthy nutrition.

How do I Join?

The One Year Program enrolment period is now closed. Get on the Wait List here and save $100 off your enrolment fee.

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