About Lydia

lydia di francesco trainer coachI’m an Italian-German New Yorker (was born there) and according to my husband that about explains everything about me… to be honest, it’s pretty much true.

I’m a quirky, fun and sun-loving gal who grew up eating healthy food (no Easter or Halloween candy for us) and being active. This lifestyle stayed with me and has made me an expert in healthy living with a focus on keeping it simple.

I fell into the fitness world when I tried out, and got hired, as a group fitness instructor. I quickly fell in love with helping people on their fitness journey so I became a Certified Personal Trainer. In discussions with many women I soon realized that most were finding it a challenge to exercise, especially if it meant going to a gym. Time is a limited commodity and with their busy lives they couldn’t seem to fit in exercise (or any time for themselves).

Thus, the idea for a 15 Minute Workout Club was born!

Using my expertise and knowledge, I knew I could design effective workouts that didn’t take much time and could be done in the comfort of your own home.

This falls in line with my overarching philosophy that

healthy living doesn’t need to be complicated

I’m always looking for simple, yet effective ways to be healthy, and of course I want to pass this along to you!

I practice what I preach, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I have lots of days I don’t want to workout and have to kick my own butt into gear. I understand the challenges you face because I have them too.

I’ve learned over the years to make time for my health because I know I am worth it.

YOU are worth it too!

at home workouts easy routine“I have been following the suggested schedule on the 15 Minute Workout Club website every morning and I am really loving the routine of just… wake up, head downstairs, turn on my computer and press click on the workout video of the day… so easy to follow and it has kept me going during my super-busy schedule! On top of it, I do the stretch videos and I haven’t felt as sore as I did when I started! Thank you Coach Lydia!” – Ana

at home workout videos toned more energy“I am so excited to continue this journey with you. I love the fact that I have seen changes in the tone of my arms and abdomen and most of all I have so much more energy! – Nicole

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