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Become the BEST version of YOU

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at home workouts I want to put myself first and take care of me

at home workouts With my busy life it’s hard to stay healthy

at home workouts I want to feel better and not be so tired all the time

at home workouts I want exercise that doesn’t take long, but gets me strong and full of energy

at home workouts I believe that a healthy life includes taking care of my body as well as my mind and soul


What’s the 15 Minute Workout Club One Year Program?


This program is unlike any other! It is designed so that you can achieve optimal health and wellness and become your BEST SELF.

No more settling for second best.

No more putting your own health on the back burner.

It’s time to make YOU a priority again.

The fundamental characteristics of the program are: simple, sane, and sustainable.



You don’t need one more complicated thing added to your life. You need simple tools and techniques to become your best self in all aspects of your health and wellness.

You’ll be doing a minimum amount of exercise that will get maximum results.

You’ll be eating well and enjoying snacks and treats too.

You’ll be learning how to take care of your body and not ignore any aches or pains or things that don’t “seem right”.

And we’ll do it all in just 30 days! Nope.


We’ll take a measured, reasonable approach. Most people fail at “being healthy” because they tackle too much at once and try to make too many changes at the same time. Slow and steady wins here.

You’re in this for the longterm results, not the quick fix.

Long-lasting healthy living is the ultimate goal so there’s no need to rush the process.



For something to be long-lasting it needs to be sustainable, ie. something you can do forever.

You won’t see any extremes in this Program because extremes aren’t sustainable. You will be doing activities and developing habits that are easy to maintain.

at home fitness program

What’s Included in the Program?


50+ Workout Videos – short, effective 15 minute (or less) at-home workouts you can stream or download to do on your own time

→ Monthly Workout Schedule – a brand new workout plan and schedule every month so you stay on track and don’t have to think about what to do

Monthly Live Education Webinars – learn from other healthcare and wellness professionals with a LIVE Q&A time

Quarterly Live Group Coaching Calls – accountability check in and your chance to ask Coach Lydia any specific questions

Bi-weekly Motivation and Education Emails – stay motivated, encouraged and educated

→ Monthly Challenge with Swag Winner – get points for each workout you do. Every month a winner will receive a fun prize!

→ Access to an exclusive private Facebook community – connect, support and help each other stay accountable

PLUS You’ll Get these Bonuses


✔ Yoga at Home eBook: 100 Yoga Poses  

✔ The Guide to Managing Female Hormones After 40

✔ Relationship Assessment: Are you making these 4 relationship mistakes? 

at home fitness program

What Results Will I Get?


The goal of this Program is to have you create a simple, sane, and sustainable healthy life for yourself.


The Program was created with your success in four main categories: Physical, Emotional, Educational, and Practical (or Body, Mind, Soul, and actually getting stuff done).


Physical Results

* Get stronger
* Improve overall fitness level
* Have more energy
* Feel better
* Feel less tension and stress in your body
* Change your body composition
* Increase metabolism


Emotional Results

* Feel empowered
* Love yourself NOW
* Be more confident
* Be proud of yourself and celebrate your successes
* Trust yourself
* Be an active (versus reactive) player in how your life is shaped


Educational Results

* Understand the roles of other health care professionals and when to see them
* Learn nutrition basics and how to best fuel your body without deprivation
* Be informed on female-specific health topics that aren’t talked about enough (pelvic floor, hormones)


Practical Results

* Be consistent (not perfect) with your healthy habits
* Actually get workouts done
* Take time for self-care
* Embrace simplicity and doing less
* Eat better without depriving yourself


You will be set up for success, not failure.

We won’t work on everything at once. That’s where I believe most people fail in other programs is because they try to change everything at the same time, it becomes too overwhelming, and they stop trying.

We will take a slow and steady approach over the 52 weeks. CONSISTENCY is a key aspect of the Program. The fitness component will be the backbone of the Program, getting you moving every day. From there we’ll work on mindset, nutrition, and female-specific health education.

What Others Are Saying

get results Lana proof of program“I’m loving the variety in our workouts. No chance to get bored!” And, yesterday 2 co-workers separately asked me if I’ve been working out! Being part of the 15 Minute Workout Club (with the videos, suggested schedule, coaching and support) has been key! The workouts are super effective – with lots of variety and encouragement. It’s so rewarding to see it paying off – and to have others notice too!   – Lana


online fitness program results
“I am so excited to continue this journey with you. I love the fact that I have seen changes in the tone of my arms and abdomen and most of all I have so much more energy!
 – Nicole

Monthly Themes

Each month we’ll focus on a theme for the Live Education Webinars and the bi-weekly training emails.

January –  Motivation & Goal-Setting

February – Self-Love & Self-Care with Guest Presenter Diane Merpaw, Canada’s Goddess Coach

March – Time & Stress Management

April – Nutrition

May – Improving Sleep

June – Females Hormones with Guest Presenter Annika Ek of TrulyU Functional Nutrition 

July – Reducing Exposure to Harmful Chemicals at Home

August – Yoga/Stretching with Guest Presenter Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga with Kassandra

September – Healthy Relationships with Guest Presenter Megan O’Neill, Certified Core Belief Engineering Therapist

October – Mental Health

November – When to and Why See Other Health Care Professionals

December – Pelvic Floor Health with Guest Presenter Lisa Flanders, Registered Physiotherapist

Who is the Program For?


online workout program You are ready to make YOURSELF a PRIORITY again.

online workout program You want to create a real, long-lasting healthy lifestyle. You’re done with the quick-fix-21/30/90-day-temporary solutions.

online workout program You want to get stronger and have more energy (some weight loss might be part of it, but it’s not the primary goal).

online workout program You’re tired of jumping from program to program without seeing any results.

online workout program You want to feel like yourself again and get back to an active, healthy lifestyle.

online workout program You are ready to take ownership of your actions and results.

Who is the Program Not For?


online workout program Someone who just wants a quick fix or bandaid solution.

online workout program Someone looking for a customized fitness or nutrition plan. You will learn how to find what works for you.

online workout program Someone who isn’t willing to make some time for themselves to improve their health and wellbeing.

Your success depends on you putting in the work. I will guide you and teach you but I can’t be at your house making sure you do it. Sign up if you are committed to doing the work. It won’t always be easy, but you’ll have the guidance, support and accountability to make it a lot easier than doing it on your own.

Get Started Today!


The 15 Minute Workout Club One Year Program officially starts January 15, 2017, but spaces are limited, so don’t delaying signing up. Once the spots fill up the doors will close.



daily-gratitude-and-success-journal** BONUS for FIRST 20 PEOPLE **

The first 20 people to sign up for the One Year Program will receive a FREE hardcopy of my Daily Gratitude and Success Journal. This Journal is designed specifically for the One Year Program. Writing in Journal each day will allow you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and the achievements you make inside and outside the Program. It’s one of the tools we’ll use to help create a positive mindset.



Are you ready to make long-lasting change and become your BEST SELF?

online fitness program

Enrolment for the One Year Program is now closed.
Click here to be the first to be notified when enrolment
opens again and to save $100 off the enrolment fee.